Hailey | Life Inspired: Designing a Life She Loves


I could not be happier to share Hailey’s story again! She was the very first participant in my Life Inspired project, which features the stories of amazing people who’ve moved past living a life held back by fear and self-doubt, to living a life full of hope and love.

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she’s just as beautiful on the inside and she’s got some serious design and home renovation skills! Follow her on her Facebook page, MODERN NOMAD, for updates on her latest projects.

Please take a moment to check out her story here! She’s amazing!

As always, if you know someone who’d be a perfect addition to this ongoing portrait project, please contact me today!


Brandi W. | Life Inspired

When I first met Brandi, I was moved by her openness.  It is not every day that you meet someone who is able to see themselves honestly and face the things they want to change.  So many go through life desperately trying to avoid what is painful or unpleasant rather than own up to what they are responsible for in their lives and effect change.  Change is not easy.  Brandi is a badass.  I’m so happy to have met her and to be able to share her story with you.  Please take a moment and check it out HERE!

“Be your own person and biggest fan. To let go and love yourself for the beauty God gave you and to love yourself for what and who you are. Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Share your life through pictures.”


As always, if you know someone who would be perfect for this project, please let me know!! Yourself included!

Nicole | Life Inspired

“I just had to jump. I had to trust that I could not just carry myself, but I could fly…It is ok to be afraid, but you can't live there.” 

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph Nicole twice, the first time being for my original Life Inspired Portrait Project. She’s an amazing human being; talented, beautiful and inspiring. I wish we were in closer proximity now so that I could photograph her again, but in the meantime, here’s her Life Inspired story.


Robin | Life Inspired

We are not alone.  Even when that’s how it feels.  I hope that this project has shown you that.  We are more alike than different.  We all have a story.  And we always have the power to make our lives better.  NOW.  One day at a time.  The women who have shared their stories with us here are both inspiring and courageous.  I am honored they chose to spend time with me to create their beautiful portraits and have so generously shared with us how they’ve overcome a life held back by fear and self-doubt. The woman you are about to meet is a sweet and beautiful soul.  And, I might add, a talented actor.  She is an absolutely amazing mama!  She is stronger than she knows.  Her warmth and light shine through, greeting you with a familiar and loving presence.  I am so thankful that she chose to participate in this project and share her story with us.

Without further ado, meet Robin.  


Krystal | Life Inspired

The incredible woman you are about to meet has an amazingly inspiring story.  I'm so happy to have met her and been able to photograph her at this stage of her journey!  Please check out her story HERE! She was a participant in my Life Inspired project when I started it in Missoula, Montana.  I'm so excited to begin it again her in New Braunfels, Texas!  Stay tuned for more empowering stories!!